Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Top 10 Summer Restaurants in Stockholm

It has been ages since I have posted.  I have not been cooking that much recently, but I am always inspired in the summer, especially with baking, so keep an eye out!

I thought I would share some of my favorite summer restaurants in Stockholm.  All of these places have a beautiful view, outdoor seating, or a otherwise summer feel.

1. Thai Boat (http://thaiboat.se/)  This is a very fun restuarant on a boot moored in Södermalm.  They have a little beach where you can sit in the sand and sip their delicious cocktails.  The food is pretty good and the atmosphere fun and upbeat.

2. Malarpaviljongen (http://malarpaviljongen.se/)  This combination plant boutique and outdoor cafe in Kungsholmen is right on the water.  The food is light, salads and sandwiches, and the location is perfect.

3. Rosendalsträdgård Cafe (http://www.rosendalstradgard.se/)  This is my favorite place in Djurgården.  It doesn't getting better than having lunch in an apple orchard!  This gorgeous complex of cafe, gardens, and garden shop just keeps getting better.

4. Ulla Windblad (http://www.ullawinbladh.se/en/swedish-culinary-craft-historical-environment):  A lovely spot for dinner in Djurgården on their outside patio, this restaurant features traditional Swedish cuisine and they do it very very well.  As they say on their
website, and I love them for it, they do not skimp on the cream and butter!

5. Milles Bakfika (http://www.mmilles.se/).  This little restaurant is right on Strandägen with the most gorgeous view in town, if you are lucky enough to get an outside table.  Their eggs benedict is very very good.

6. Hotel Lydmar Terrace Restaurant (http://lydmar.com/)  The outside bar facing the water is a scrumptious place to take a drink and watch the sunset.  However, they also have a little terrace restaurant upstairs on the second floor where you can sit under umbrellas, next to a fountain and enjoy lunch or dinner in elegant surroundings.  The main dining room is also delicious.

7. Urban Deli (http://www.urbandeli.org/) Both the locations have pleasant outdoor seating on the sidewalk in the summer, but the killer location is the rooftop bar at the Sveavägen location.  It has a gritty modern urban feel with all the stylishness that one expects from Swedes.  The space is suprisingly big and the view spectacular.  They even have blankets if you get a bit chilly.

8. Vaxholms Bygdsgards Cafe (https://www.facebook.com/vaxholmshembygdsgardscafe/)  This charming cafe is only open in the summer and you can sit in the garden overlooking the water.  The highlight is the lavish cake buffet, but they also serve standard lunch fare.  Beware that the place can be very crowded.

9. Restaurant J (http://www.hotelj.com/en/restaurang).  This light and airy restaurant is located right on the dock in Nacka and is the perfect spot for a weekend brunch.

10. Oaxen Slip (http://oaxen.com/en/bistro-slip/) Yet another gorgeous restaurant in Djurgården, the slip is a bistro style restaurant on the backside of the island near Skansen overlooking the docks. The modern and airy interior overlooks the water and in the summer you can enjoy dining on the lovely deck outside.

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