Tuesday, November 14, 2006

50,000 Evil Stinging Little Suckers in Your Garden

Times two.

Think of 50,000 stingers, times two. That’s one hundred thousand evil little stingers.

This is how our nearest neighbor perceives our new project:Two beehives.

Just to make sure that we get maximum emotional effect, we have “aimed” the beehives straight at the neighbor's house.

Actually, we don’t eat much honey, but when we decided to plant even more lavender in our garden, we also decided to use the flowers for honey as well as for their looks. I mean we already have a lot of bees in our garden, but now they are going to be OUR bees, and they are going to make OUR honey.

I guess all our neighbors (maybe not one of them), and all our friends, will get honey for free for the next few years. Apparently, one hive produces between 30 and 150 lbs. of honey per year. That’s a lot of honey.

Evidently, honey bees are really friendly. They just get grumpy when it is cold, raining, dark, and when you try to get really close to the hive. The last item being somewhat of a requirement when you want to steal their honey. Oh yeah, they get sort of grumpy when you try to steal their honey as well.

This is going to get fun: apparently you get stung so much as a bee keeper so you get immune to the stings, unless you die first.

More reports will follow.

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Nancy Davidson said...

Bees and chickens! Now I'm really envious of your local friends and neighbors.