Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fried Cod


1 Cod

Loads of Butter

Retired fisherman

Fast car

Go down to the nearest harbour. Hirtshalts in Denmark is a good choice. Find a retired fisherman who just came in with the cod that he had caught just for fun.

Buy Cod, pay about USD 1.5 / pound.

Go to your fast car and drive it to the nearest convenient frying pan.

Filet and fry fish in loads of butter.


This will most likely be the best fish you have ever eaten. Cod tastes extraordinary when it is super fresh, and can not really be compared to the store-bought variety.

Another fish that mysteriously changes taste from something approaching culinary nirvana, to become, in a few hours after catch, rather good, but nothing really special, is Grayling. We realize that this fish can be hard to come by, but we just thought you should know.

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Nancy said...

Can you please write about that dover sole you made in London? I had some at a restaurant the other day for lunch, thinking it might be nice like the one Peter made but it was awful. Salty and oversaturated in brown butter. Yuck!