Saturday, June 17, 2006

Near Death Experience Requires Steak

Yesterday, Peter almost died of heat exhaustion during our training session at the Icechamber. Seriously. He had 3 wisdom teeth extracted the other week, and has been on a semi-liquid diet since he can't chew very well. Basically, he has been scarfing down icecream every night and apparently this was not providing him with enough nutrients or liquids...So, about half way into our session, he feels dizzy and naseaous--a fairly common feeling at what we fondly like to call the "torture chamber" he sits down and rests, which normally does the trick. 20 minutes later, he still feels awful and his pulse is going crazy and his hands go icy cold...we call the ambulance. Scary.

Two IV bags later, in the hospital, he starts to feel better...and he is thinking about dinner. LL, he says, I have to have a steak...let's have a BBQ and invite some friends. I say, don't you think you should rest? No, I want steak. OK, he is certifiably crazy gotta love him for that! So we had steak. I marinated and grilled 4 juicy well-marbled T-Bones with pepper, garlic, and soysauce. My son Oscar and I pulled fresh potatoes from the garden, which I boiled and then dressed with a sauce made with fresh herbs, again from our garden, olive oil, vinegar, and a touch of mayo. I also pulled up some little onions and grilled those with the steak. A feast fit invalid?

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